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K-State Proud

Thursday, February 16, 2017 9:45:55 AM America/Chicago

Hello Wildcat Family,

I’m Sam Edwards, and I am currently a graphic design intern here at the K-State Super Store. I figured we would take a break from our normal blog posts to talk about something that the K-State Super Store is very proud to be a part of: K-State Proud.

When we say K-State Proud we mean it. Out of all the things that make my heart swell with pride, K-State Proud is the thing I love most about this university (and that’s saying something, I mean have you tried Call Hall ice cream?!). It is bar none one of the coolest things that our students have none.

“But Sam, what even is K-State Proud?”

Well, hypothetical reader, that’s a great question!

K-State proud is a student-led fundraising event that raised money for students who have exhausted all other means of financial income. Without K-State Proud, these students would not be able to attend college. Students across campus donate money each year in order to keep these Wildcats home in Manhattan. Over the past 11 years K-State Proud has raised over $1 million dollars and have helped more than 550 students. Students have raised over $1 million dollars. STUDENTS. THAT IS OVER 1 MILLION MCCHICKENS WE COULD HAVE CONSUMED. Why wouldn’t you feel K-State Proud after hearing that?

I have donated all four years of college, I have worn my shirts in Washington D.C., New Orleans, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Stillwater, Norman, Austin, Fort Worth, Waco, Lubbock, Ames, Lawrence, Kansas City, Key West, and everywhere in between. When I travel, I love throwing on my K-State Proud tee. Why? Because when I’m asked about it, I can tell people what a stellar program it is, and how proud I am that our students care enough to make sure our own are taken care of.

“Wow Sam, that sounds super cool… too bad I’m not in Manhattan any more… is there a way I can donate and still get that rad t-shirt?”

Oh my gosh hypothetical reader, I am SO glad you asked!

As luck may have it, you can purchase a shirt online through us and a significant portion of that goes directly back to K-State Proud! So even if you’re all the way in Whynot, North Carolina you can proudly show your support of the largest student led philanthropy in the world:

“So your saying that I can just add that stylish, really soft looking K-State Proud shirt to my shopping cart and a large portion of my sale will go to K-State Proud?”

Hypothetical reader you nailed it!

In all seriousness, K-State Proud is something entirely unique to K-State. Many others have tried to duplicate it, but none have come even close to what we have done in Manhattan. This is something that allows those who need it most to achieve their dreams and get that degree.

If you or anyone you know is a K-State student who is in need of dire financial aid, please apply or nominate someone for a student opportunity award ( If you want to donate more than the required amount for a shirt, please check out And lastly, if you want this tradition to get even bigger, tell all your friends and family to donate and let the world know you are #KstateProud.

Oh, and did I mention this shirt is super soft?

K-State Proud,

Sam Edwards

Posted By Sammy Gleason

Perfect Valentine's Gifts for your Lady Wildcat

Friday, February 3, 2017 1:58:41 PM America/Chicago

PSA to all the gentlemen out there: Valentine’s Day is this month. February 14th to be exact. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about ways you can show the special Wildcat in your life that you love them. And you know what would make her less mad that you forgot her birthday last year? Absolutely CRUSHING V-Day.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some indisputable facts.

FACT: The K-State Superstore is having buy 2 get 1 half-off for women accessories. That means you can go crazy without breaking the bank-- scarfs/winter hats/bags/leg warmers/jewelry you name it. All buy 2 get 1 half-off. Boom.

FACT: Everyone looks good in purple. Genuinely everyone. It’s a royal color for a reason. It’s a fact. Not an opinion.

FACT: Soft things are universally cherished. Corgis, fleece blankets, you name it. Probably pretty high up on the ‘Things That Then I Nuzzle It Makes Me Cozy and Happy’ list. So why not get your special someone a blanket scarf? How about not just any blanket scarf but this one? It’s purple, it’s soft, it’s perfect.

A few merits of buying this blanket scarf:

1) Part blanket, part scarf. This is the centaur of the fashion world, guys

2) Ability for spontaneous picnics.

3) Plaid is SUPER in right now.

4) It’s genuinely super soft, I 10/10 would make a cocoon out of this if humans were like butterflies.

Look how cozy this looks. One of our recent blog posts we talked about how to layer, and with the Buy 2 Get 1 Half-Off deal going on you could buy all three of the accessories seen in the picture below. That’s a scarf, a hat, and boot cuffs—all perfect for her to cheer on the ‘cats in the winter. Did I mention that those cuffs are grey AND purple so she could switch it up? That’s like a whole additional gift right there!

Lastly, let’s talk about two very important topics: bags and jewelry. This K-State Ikat Bag (not to be confused with ICAT, not the same thing—I promise) is pretty much perfect for weekend trips, going to the gym, or walking on Lovers Lane on campus. (Not to mention it’s perfect for carrying other really cool things, like blanket scarves) If she’s been hinting that she needs a new tote—this one is definitely a solid choice.


Did you notice the subtleness of the bracelet? It simple, yet clearly shows the world that she’s a strong, fashionable wildcat that loves showing her K-State pride. It would make the perfect gift for any woman who bleeds purple. ¬¬¬

So come in to our stores, or shop online, but whatever you do, don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away.

Don’t worry, guys. We’re watching out for you.


Written by Sam Edwards, K-State Senior in Public Relations, K-State Superstore Graphic Design Intern, overall nice guy

Posted By Sammy Gleason

Stay Warm with K-State Fashionable Clothing and Accessories

Thursday, January 12, 2017 4:13:02 PM America/Chicago

Beanies and scarfs may very well be your favorite elements during the winter months. Why not show off your K-State pride while staying warm and fashionable? Featured in the picture below, is a K-State Fuzzy Pom Beanie with a white faux fur pom and embroidered K-State powercat. In the winter months, it is fun to throw on a K-State Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf to add more interest, color and layers.

Another way to stay warm, besides K-State fashionable clothing and accessories, is with a K-State Blanket. We have EXCLUSIVE K-State blankets found only at the K-State Super Store, such as this sweatshirt style blanket featuring a printed Willie the Wildcat. 

With cold weather moving in this weekend, staying warm is a necessity. Make sure to stay nice and cozy with a warm cup of hot chocolate. If you have to brave the cold, I hope it’s to cheer on the ‘Cats at Bramlage Coliseum during the K-State VS. Baylor Basketball game on January, 14th at 3:30 pm. Either way, stay warm (or purple proud!) with your K-State shirts, beanies, jackets, mugs and blankets. Keep it warm and cozy! Go Cats!

Don't Just Be a Fan. Be a Super Fan.

Story by Sammy Gleason, K-State Super Store/GTM Sportswear Media and Promotions Manager
Posted By Sammy Gleason

Houston Bound

Thursday, December 15, 2016 2:12:06 PM America/Chicago

It’s that time of year again! K-State Football is heading south for the winter to play in the Advocare Texas Bowl on December 28th in Houston, Texas. If you’re planning a trip to follow the ‘Cats, be sure to check out some of the officially licensed Texas Bowl styles offered at the K-State Super Store! We have a variety of styles ranging from t-shirts, including a ladies raglan style, to a Champion brand hooded sweatshirt.

Check out one of our newest K-State student team members, Hayley, modeling a few of the most popular bowl gear styles!

It sure feels good to be Houston Bound! Find your exclusive K-State Bowl t-shirt here.

Don’t just be a fan, be a super fan!

Story by Sammy Gleason, K-State Super Store/GTM Sportswear Media and Promotions Manager & Photos by Sammy Gleason
Posted By Sammy Gleason

Four Trendy Outfits to Copy This December

Thursday, December 1, 2016 9:42:22 AM America/Chicago

December is here, whether we believe it or not, and that means the cold season is upon us. For the next few months, warmth, comfort, and layering are everyday musts. What a perfect excuse to update your winter wardrobe with some much needed K-State purple! The K-State Superstore offers a variety of jackets, vests, scarves, and winter gear to update your closet for the blustery months ahead. The four K-State outfits below are here to remind you that with the cold weather comes some of our holiday favorites!

Layering is the first rule in the book when it comes to winter style and we could not agree more. It is so easy to effortlessly throw on your favorite long sleeved tee, vest, and scarf to complete an outfit that will keep you warm throughout the day. The K-State Superstore offers a variety of comfortable vests that look great with any long sleeved tee or light jacket. One of our hottest items is the Pacific Heathered Vest ( This vest is made out of 100% anti-pill fleece and comes in a light grey color. By pairing it with your favorite flannel and one of our K-State holiday long sleeved tees ( , this layered look is perfect for staying warm and cozy.

 We know we are not the only ones who have a pile of scarves that we just can’t seem to part with. From chunky to decorative scarves, they keep finding their way into our closets. Having the right scarf is a necessity when it comes to staying warm on chilly days. The next two looks feature two of our warmest, most functional scarves. The second look contains the K-State Ladies Knit Winter Button Scarf ( . Made from acrylic yarn, this scarf features a flat K-State embroidered design and two buttons for added detail. Paired with our button scarf is the Women’s Heathered Full Zip, which comes in a neutral Heathered Oatmeal color. This jacket can spruce up any outfit and it adds a much needed pop of K-State purple.

The third look features the K-State Tartan Blanket Scarf ( There are many ways to style a blanket scarf, but we love to simply drape it over both shoulders for an effortlessly, easy look. Paired with this scarf is the K-State Criss Cross Headband ( that will be sure to keep your ears warm when braving the cold. This is the perfect winter accessory and is a simple way to show off your K-State pride with any outfit! You can never go wrong with a simple pair of gloves and that is why our classic K-State Acrylic Knit Gloves ( are just what you need on a cold day. These gloves feature a K-State Powercat on each hand and come in both black and purple.

The fourth and final trendy outfit to copy this December features our K-State Woolly Thread Crew. It looks great with your favorite pair of dark wash jeans or a simple pair of fleece leggings. Perfect for a cozy night in or a comfy day at the office, this hot new item is an easy way to stay snug this December. For added warmth, we love to pair with our K-State Supercell Knit Hat ( This knit hat features an embroidered K-State Powercat and comes in both youth and adult sizes. There you have it, four effortless K-State outfits that will keep you warm for the chilly months ahead! To shop these looks, follow the link here ( to our online store or come in and visit us at 519 McCall Road ( and 1800 College Avenue ( Happy shopping, Go Cats!

Story by Hannah Ediger Apparel & Textile Marketing Kansas State University Retail Store Management Intern | GTM Sportswear and photos by Hannah Ediger
Posted By Sammy Gleason

Favorite K-State Cooking Essentials

Thursday, November 17, 2016 3:22:30 PM America/Chicago

Why not make this Thanksgiving even better with a whole set of Magnolia Lane dinner plates? Here at the K-State Super Store, we have a plethora amount of dinner plates in various sizes and shapes. Each plate is unique and hand painted to give a delicate touch to the dinner table. There are plates decorated with snowflakes, polka dots, stripes, etc. You are bound to find a dinner set that matches your Holiday season events. Setting up the dinner table with fancy plates, napkins and decor is easy when you shop at the K-State Super Store.

Try our K-State oven mitt, chef hat, apron and tongs that will guarantee a ‘wow’ from all of your guests.

 With your table set and looking more purple than ever, you are ready for a Wildcat Thanksgiving. We would love to see your Thanksgiving tables decorated in purple with @kstatesuperstore tagged on Instagram and Facebook. Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! We look forward to seeing you at our Black Friday Sale at 519 McCall Road on Friday the 25th.  As well as, the KSU VS. KU football game on Saturday, the 26th of November.  As always, GO CATS!

Story by Elizabeth Carro, Ecommerce Intern & Photos by Elizabeth Carro
Posted By Sammy Gleason

K-State DIY Layering

Thursday, November 3, 2016 2:29:36 PM America/Chicago

First rule: There is no rule…when it comes to layering your favorite K-State styles that is! Start piling on your favorite K-State shirt, jacket, scarf, hat or coat. Remember to start simple, add on and then add on some more! There’s no such thing as too many layers or different patterns of purple. We are here to show you how to become a master at layering K-State apparel.

Trendy Outfit Ideas:

Let’s fall in love with K-State fall styles together! The KSU Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf has a chevron pattern featuring a woven label with a K-State design. It is sure to keep you warm throughout an entire game day. The KSU Fuzzy Pom Beanie is trendy, warm and has a fun look to help you stand out during K-State football games.


Add an officially licensed K-State jacket to any dress or pair of leggings. Our K-State Ladies Flyaway Full Zip Jacket is a 100% polyester full zip jacket with front pockets and snap button closures. This jacket features an embroidered K-State Powercat embellishment on the left chest and K-State on back neck.

Zoo Zatz brand of athleisure KSU Knit Boot Cuffs have a K-State Purple Powercat embroidered at the top. Stay warm during chilly game days or autumn nights with the help of these stylish boot cuffs. The weather makes these accessories necessary and style makes them essential. Rock your K-State styles this fall and winter with the help of the K-State Super Store! Stick around right here for convenient online shopping or find us in-store on McCall Road or at the Stadium. As always, Go Cats!

Story by Sammy Gleason, K-State Super Store/GTM Sportswear Media and Promotions Manager & Photos by Sammy Gleason
Posted By Sammy Gleason

K-State Halloween Costumes

Monday, October 17, 2016 3:35:46 PM America/Chicago

Who says Halloween has to be spooky? Trick-or-treating is fun for all ages, but it’s even better in K-State apparel. This Halloween the K-State Super Store has a couple of trendy outfits for all ages for this spooktacular Halloween.

On this football fall evening, we would love to see all of our boys in a K-State football jersey. We have a great selection of jerseys, from adult replica Jordy Nelson and Darren Sproles to a #16 appliqued option. Not only can you purchase one of these Nike styles, but you can also create your own personalized GTM or Augusta brand jersey. K-State Super Store is capable of helping you add a name or number to a custom jersey for kids and adults!

Now that you have your fierce football player, it’s time to outfit your peppy cheerleader! Here at the K-State Super Store, we have every piece you need to be the peppiest cheerleader out there. We have similar cheer uniforms with matching tops and bottoms to help your little one look just like an actual K-State Cheerleader. Don’t forget, every cheerleader needs her purple and silver poms! Our mini poms sell for $5 each and complete the cheerleader look.


 Now that you have the football jersey and/or cheerleading outfit, it’s time to complete the look with accessories!

Football players- 

  • Eye Black stickers
  • K-State football


  • Poms
  • Boy cut briefs
  • Temporary face tattoos
  • And for the final touch, nail tattoos

With everything above, you are destined to get the most candy on the block! Go out there and show them your best Byron Pringle touchdown celebration, finished with a cartwheel and a “Go Cats!” from your cheerleader!


Story by, Elizabeth Carro Ecommerce Intern
Posted By Sammy Gleason

Wildcats Prospering in the NFL Today

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 3:27:32 PM America/Chicago

Darren Sproles, Jordy Nelson, and Tyler Lockett; three record holding Wildcats prospering in the NFL today. As a proud Wildcat fan, I would like to take a step back and brag about where they started their careers. Through blood, sweat and tears, each of these NFL players started their reign as a Kansas State Wildcat, all coached under Bill Snyder, and each player had a memorable career as a Wildcat.  The K-State Super Store is fortunate enough to carry Nelson and Sproles jerseys in-store.  If you would like to place an order call us at (785)-537-0844 or visit us at 519 McCall rd. or at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.  

Back in 2001, Darren Sproles from Olathe North High School started his football career at Kansas State. Little did he know then that he would end his Wildcat career with a recorded 4,979 rushing yards, 48 total touchdowns, and fame for being one of the most all-purpose performers in NCAA College Football history. By the end of his Wildcat dominance, Sproles totaled a Big XII record 6,812 all-purpose yards. This record ranks sixth on the NCAA’s career list. In 2005, the fellow Wildcat was drafted by the San Diego Chargers. After a few short years, Sproles took his talents to the Saints and is currently a running back at the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2003, small town raised, Jordy Nelson started his football dynasty as a walk-on wide receiver. Originally from just 20 miles northwest of Manhattan, Nelson was familiar with the Kansas State football team. Recruited as a defensive back, Nelson soon transitioned to a wide receiver. The 2003 Wildcats were the Big XII Champions and Nelson was a redshirt freshman at the time. During Nelson’s sophomore year, he began to make a name for himself with 45 caught passes. After a bumpy junior year with injuries, the small town hero ended his career with a total of 2,813 rushing and receiving yards combined from 2003-2007. After his senior year, Nelson earned All-American honors and was a finalist for the Bilethikoff Award. With his college career at an end, Nelson was drafted in 2008 in round two to the Green Bay Packers. While thriving in Wisconsin, Nelson did not forget about his alma mater. In 2015, Kansas State University announced the newly renovated football complex locker room to be named “Nelson Family Locker Room.”

Just two short years ago, Kansas State football said goodbye to the third generation wide receiver, Tyler Lockett. The memorable number 16 was from Tulsa, Oklahoma and set 17 different records as a Wildcat. Tyler followed in the footsteps of his father, Kevin Lockett, and uncle, Aaron Lockett, and shattered many of their records, Kansas State and Big XII alike. Lockett tied the league record for kickoff return average, ranked third in all-purpose yards and kickoff-return yards, seventh in receptions and finally tied for 10th in kickoff-return attempts. During all four years at Kansas State, Lockett received All Conference honors. Concluding four successful seasons in Manhattan, KS, Locked was drafted in the third round to the Seattle Seahawks. The Wildcat fan base was sad to see a third generation Lockett leave so soon, but excited to see what the future holds for the record holding Wildcat. 

Throughout my 22 years of life, I was born and raised with purple in my veins. Fortunately enough for me, I have had the chance to meet two of the three Wildcat superstars in person. At last season’s Spring Game in Kansas City, I ran into Tyler Lockett. Just like any other Wildcat athlete you meet, Lockett was thrilled to talk to me and genuinely cared about our conversation. Although our interaction was brief, it was awesome to see the alumnae come back to his alma mater and support his fellow teammates at the K-State Spring Game. 

If you are looking for any K-State apparel the K-State Super Store is the World’s largest K-State Store. Go Cats!

Guest Blogger Elizabeth Carro Senior in Journalism and Mass Communications & Photos by Elizabeth Carro and Sammy Gleason

Posted By Sammy Gleason

T-Shirts! T-Shirts! T-Shirts! Get Your T-Shirts!

Friday, September 23, 2016 1:31:59 PM America/Chicago

When I think about K-State, my mind instantly wanders through my wardrobe of purple tees. After living in Manhattan for over 15 years, I have collected a few here and there. Whether that is from freebies tossed out to the crowd at volleyball games, purchased at the K-State Super Store to wear on gameday each football season, or custom made to represent the community in a local charity walk, purple tees are a staple here in the Little Apple. It’s my opinion, though, that K-Staters can never have TOO many purple tees! That’s why I wanted to share some of the awesome new and exclusive collections that can only be found at the K-State Super Store.

Bill Snyder 25th Season Collection

This assortment features several super soft and durable tri-blend and dual-blend options, and not just in purple! Each garment includes a clever design focusing on Coach Snyder’s silver anniversary year with the K-State Wildcats. What better way to celebrate than by adding a higher quality t-shirt to your wardrobe to cherish for another 25 years! The Bill Snyder 25th season collection also includes a men’s Nike polo and sublimated replica jersey if a t-shirt isn’t quite your style.

Willie for President

Are you torn between candidates this year? Support Willie the Wildcat for President! This mini collection features two print options to meet your fancy, both on 100% cotton short sleeve styles. Purchase at the K-State Super Store on McCall Road in Manhattan to wear this November!


Gameday t-shirts are plentiful to most K-State fans, but what about game day specific options? Think Harley Day, Homecoming, Fort Riley Day, etc. Approach these games in style by representing the appropriate game theme each week. This collection features a fun motorcycle, Homecoming 2016, Ft. Riley Strong, the Pride of Wildcat Land band, and FAMILY designs. Whatever your passion might be, we’ve got a coordinating t-shirt to match. All are traditionally screen printed and featured on 100% cotton or tri-blend short sleeve styles.

So I say again; t-shirts, t-shirts, and more t-shirts! K-State fans can never have enough as there is an option for every event, every fan, and every time! Visit us at the K-State Super Store at Bill Snyder Family Stadium or 519 McCall Road this fall to find the right style for you! Don’t just be a fan, be a super fan!

Story by guest writer Kyra Dreiling K-State Super Store/GTM Sportswear Director of Retail

Posted By Sammy Gleason
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