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Add a little Purple to Your Green!

Friday, February 23, 2018 4:44:16 PM America/Chicago

March is always a fun month because there’s a lot of activities going on and Spring is on its way! For sports lovers, it’s March Madness. For students, it’s Spring break and Fake Patty’s Day. There’s also St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of green, clovers and leprechauns. Here at the K-State Super Store, we have St. Patty's and Fake Patty's Day shirt designs. These designs are unlike any other St. Patrick’s Day designs. They are top of the line! We have soft style tri-blend tees that you won’t want to take off. As well as, crop tops so you can be the life of the party! Find your exclusive Kansas State Wildcats St. Patrick’s Day Shirt here.

Featured above is our “Kiss Me I’m A Wildcat” soft style tri-blend tee. You can wear this tee to Fake Patty’s day in Aggieville or to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manhattan, KS.

How cute is this women’s Fake Patty’s Day crop top to rock all day in Aggieville?

Here are a few of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts and tops. We hope you LOVE them as much as we do! As always, GO CATS!

Posted By KSG Web Fulfillment

K-State Basketball

Friday, January 19, 2018 11:47:37 AM America/Chicago

Basketball Season is upon us, and we are excited for another year of K-State basketball! Can you believe it’s 2018 already? We have a good feeling that 2018 is going to be our year in K-State Sports. K-State basketball has some big games coming up this month.

K-State Men’s Basketball host TCU for a Throwback Game on Saturday, January 20th. We have a collection of throwback styles including the retro throwback styles the K-State basketball coaches will be wearing Saturday afternoon. From throwback ties to socks to shirts, we have you covered.

January 27th is Coaches vs Cancer Stripe Out Bramlage Coliseum Game. K-State is one of many universities that participates in the program Coaches vs. Cancer, a nationwide partnership between the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. This collaboration builds strong bonds within sports communities between coaches, teams and fans while supporting the fight against cancer. You can find your purple or white t-shirt here. Wish every shirt purchased, $5 is donated to the American Cancer Society. Help stripe out Bramlage, donate to the American Cancer Society and receive a new K-State shirt! Pretty cool, huh? So depeding on where you sit on Saturday, make sure to purchase your purple and white Doom shirt to show your pride and support.


January 29th is the Sunflower Showdown against K-States biggest rival KU. Join us for the Big Monday game and cheer on the K-State Wildcats with your Beat KU shirt! The game is in Manhattan, KS and starts at 8:00 pm. See you there, Super Fans! As always, Go Cats!

Posted By KSG Web Fulfillment

Cactus Bowl READY!

Thursday, December 14, 2017 4:24:28 PM America/Chicago

Are you Cactus Bowl ready? We have the best Cactus Bowl gear in Manhattan, KS. Our helmet to helmet design has been our most popular style for years at the K-State Super Store.

Celebrate K-State’s 8th straight bowl appearance with this classic t-shirt! This year’s tee features a helmet to helmet printed design, 5.2oz 100% cotton fabric with tapes crew neckline. Right now, all Cactus Bowl Gear is 25% off! Yes, you heard right…. 25% off!

 Show up in Phoenix or to any watch party in style. Check out our adorable Cactus Bowl ladies V-neck ➡️…/bowl…/2017-ladies-h2h-v-neck-tee


As always, Go Cats!

Posted By KSG Web Fulfillment

We Love K-State Cold Weather Gear

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 4:05:18 PM America/Chicago

Technically, Winter doesn't begin until December 21st. However, it snowed on Halloween this year, so we already started thinking about winter and Christmas here at the K-State Super Store. Which means, it's time to get your warmer clothes out of storage and to buy some new warmer K-State apparel! We really do like cold weather around here! When we think of cold weather we think of our favorite K-State sweatshirt, blanket, Holiday t-shirts, and ornaments. We also enjoy any excuse to snuggle up next to the fireplace in our favorite K-State blanket. Have you ever tried purple hot cocoa?! It’s another fave here in Manhattan!

Our new K-State Tailgating Sweater is perfect for both men and women. Our model is featuring the sweater oversized with leggings to help keep her warm during K-State football games. Need help creating a cold-weather gameday look? That’s what we’re here for! Pop into the K-State Super Store on McCall Road or at the stadium to allow us to help you pick out the perfect look like this one! 

Is there a secret to staying warm on a budget? Nobody wants to wear the same K-State shirt to every Kansas State game. Unless you’re “that guys”, then all the more Power(cat) to ‘ya!!!! Seriously, though, the secret to staying warm on a budget is layering. You can add a new K-State jacket, cardigan, hat, scarf…the list goes on. Not only does layering let you adjust to different temperatures, but it also gives you a different look. This K-State ladies’ knit cardigan is simply perfect for all your professional days as well as Kansas State game day adventures! Whether you’re a local shopper or living afar, call or stop by the K-State Super Store for all your officially licensed cold weather Kansas State gear! As always, Go Cats!

Posted By Sammy Gleason

Adventure is out There (and not just in the world of Pixar)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 9:52:43 AM America/Chicago

Summer is here, and it is in full swing. The thermometer says 95 but it feels like 107 degrees. Typical Kansas weather. But don’t let the heat scare you into staying inside all day long; get outside and have some fun. Summer is a time to be with friends and family. So go out and take full advantage of the great outdoors, be active! Play a game of tag football, go hiking, or take a swim. Even though after school lets out it does seem to turn into a ghost town, there is so much to do here in Manhattan. And at the K-State Super Store, we have everything you will need to #represent while discovering the great outdoors.

If you ever find yourself wondering what to do with your friends on a summer's day, consider Tuttle Creek Park. It is an excellent spot to go after you have already seen everything that is on the internet, twice. They have walking and bike paths, volleyball courts, canoe, kayak and stand-up paddle boards rentals (and no, you do not have to stand on the paddle board). If you have never gone out on the water, you have to try it out! It is fun and relaxing, but best of all it is cheap.

And then, of course, there are the camp grounds, which offer you, your friends or significant other, an opportunity for s'mores and some scary ghost stories. To me, the best part about the summers in Kansas are the nights. You can see everything from the little dipper to the outline of the Milky Way. I think that most people forget to look up because they have lived here their whole lives and they just stopped looking up. I am originally from Long Island, NY, where you can only see the moon and a purple sky when the sun goes down, so I am always in awe of the magnificent skyscapes that Manhattan has to offer.


If you are more of a morning person (I envy you, by the way) I would suggest you go on a bike ride around Manhattan, just as the town is starting to wake up. If you are one of those more adventurous types of people, try out the trails by Linear Park. They make for a pretty satisfying workout, which you can then turn into some #gains over at the Chef, downtown.

I realize that many of our readers are Manhattan natives or townies, so, therefore, are familiar with these activities. Yet, it is always good to be reminded of these local treasures, because in fact, there is the world beyond Netflix, and not all games are played on an Xbox. Try something new, take your friends with you, and discover that the great outdoors is where memories are made.

This has been Eric M. at the K-State Super Store, and we hope to hear about your summer adventures on social media with the hashtag #kstatesupperstore #summerfun.

Posted By Sammy Gleason

The BEST Dads Wear Purple

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 3:03:36 PM America/Chicago

Father's Day is June 18th. Make dad proud and choose a Father’s Day gift for dad that reflects his personality and passions. We have gifts for the classic K-State dad, sophisticated K-State dad, sporty K-State dad, coffee loving K-State dad and don’t forget, we can customize any shirt with our Custom Gameday options.

For the Classic K-State Dad

If your dad golfs, the only thing he'll love more than the game itself is showing off his new K-State swag to all his golf buddies. With a new K-State visor, polo, glove, towel or ball, he’ll be sure to look his best while he beats all his friends. Look good, play good!

For the Sophisticated K-State Dad K-State Men’s Button Down

Show your wildcat pride anytime with the K-State Men’s Button Down; long sleeved plaid button down shirt with coordinating Powercat embroidery on the left chest. What dad wouldn’t love a new K-State Button Down?! He could wear this purple best seller to the office, gamedays or special occasions.

For the Sporty K-State Dad

Does your dad go to every K-State game? Any of our official sideline provider Nike shirts or hats are the perfect gift for your sports loving dad!


For the Coffee Loving Dad

We have a variety of K-State coffee mugs, glasses and other drinkware that dad will love! Pictured above are some gift ideas that take the guess work out of shopping not to mention the gift wrapping! Grab and go, these gift sets are ready in-store for any wildcat fan looking for gift options in the $20, $25 or $30 price point range.

Customize Dads Gameday Look

Does dad have a favorite K-State player? Our Custom Gameday options are endless. Personalize “Best Dad” on any in-stock K-State shirt or add his favorite number in just seconds. No matter what you choose, Dad will be happy to add so much more purple to his collection!

As always,

Go Cats!

Sammy Gleason, Media and Promotions Manager
Posted By Sammy Gleason

Four Years of Fun

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 12:07:49 PM America/Chicago

I don’t want to write this blog post. Not because I am lazy or because I am too busy, but because by writing this blog post, I am allowing myself to close a book that I have been writing for four years. It’s hard. While writing this blog post, there is about a %150 chance I’ll cry. I’m an ugly crier.

K-State has given me so much, that I don’t think I can even begin to do it justice when I describe the place it has in my heart. It has given me the highest highs, the toughest heart breaks, the best of memories and even better friends. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve laughed a lot. But most importantly I’ve grown a lot. Here’s my time capsule of the best four years of my life and what I have come to realize. Enjoy. (This is little freshmen Sam, who had NO idea what he got himself into)

Family Means a Lot

Starting off, I would like to say I was born and raised a wildcat. It was either go to K-State or get written out of a few wills. But one thing I never fully grasped was just how much of deeper connection I was going to have with my family because of K-State. I remember going to the Fiesta Bowl and tailgating with the family, and just realizing how lucky I was to have a family so filled with pride.

I would like to dedicate this paragraph to my brother, Alex. One of my all-time favorite memories of my brother was when I told him I was going to commit to K-State. He was the very first person I told. He was so pumped he jumped on me and started punching and shaking me (which is pretty on-brand for Alex showing affection). Little did I know that within the next four years, we would have grown even closer, traveled across the US for the ‘cats, and realized just how identical we actually look. Thank you, K-State, for making my first friend my best friend. And thank you, Alex, for always being there for me. I love you, man. 

Eh, Why Not?

The amount of times my parents called me and asked where I was and the answer was somewhere other than Kansas was a lot. I mean, I spent a good chunk of my four years on the road to watch the ‘cats. Here are a few things I learned from doing so:

1) If someone asks you to go to an away game, you say yes.

2) You only wear purple.

3) You only pack purple.

4) If there is a Whataburger or In-N-Out in said city, or along the way, you stop to eat there.

5) It’s not a bad idea to make a dope playlist, this playlist MUST include the fight song.

6) There will be one song that you REALLY jam to. This is now the song of your people. (Year 3000 – Molly I’m talking to you | Where They From – This one is for Jeff and Jess)

7) There will be a time where you are so bored you create games. Like, counting how many hawks you see.

8) No one, and I mean NO ONE, can compare the Pride of Wildcat Land. Our band is bomb.

9) If you are in a K-State section you sing the Wabash at kickoff.

10) Win or lose you are still glad you came, and just as proud as ever for your team.

11) Even if you don’t have any concrete plans to travel, there is always someone with an open seat. Even if it’s during your 9:30 and they are leaving at noon, you can make it work. Trust me on this.

The Two Biggest Things I’ve Gained: My Passions and My Pals

Here's to everyone that had a hand in sculpting my four years to be four of so much meaning. The thing that gets me more choked up than anything else is thinking that in a month I won’t have the amazing group of people surrounding me that I have come so accustomed to. So here it goes.

Thank you, John, Jessica, Kiley and Cole for seeing so much potential in me and trusting me to recruit wildcats. Having the opportunity to tell people how K-State was the perfect place for me, was incredible. It will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. I won’t let you down, I promise.

Thank you, Sara Quinn, GTM Sportswear and the K-State Superstore for allowing me to grow my passions for graphic design. It was a part of my life I didn’t know I was missing. It completely shook up my life in the best way, and I am incredibly thankful for that.

Thank you, Debra Skidmore and Steve Smethers for always being the friendly smile, the sassy remark and the constant drive for improvement. You two mean the absolute world to me, and I cannot imagine the journalism school without you. Your passions for your students is evident and I will always make a priority to say hello when I am back in town. There was not a single campus tour that I did not talk about you two by name when I was bragging about our professors. You showed me that good journalism can always change the world. Thank you, truly.

Lastly, my pals. Far too numerous to name. You somehow put up with me. You laughed at my laugh, you never said no to McDonald’s. You’ve seen me at my worst and for some unbeknownst reason still talk to me. You Wabashed with me walking down the streets of San Antonio. You’ve tweeted at me whenever I was casually 10 minutes late to class. You’ve listened to Aaron’s Party by Arron Carter too many times to count. Whenever I think of a place I love full well, I will always think of the games, the buildings and the music but I will always think of you all first. Here’s to many more years of friendship.

I wish I took more pictures. I wish I took more time to see the sunsets. I wish our student section would learn how to clap on the beat. But most of all I wish I could do these four years all over again. Here’s to the real world, and knowing that I am fully prepared to succeed—all thanks to a spot that I love full well.

Hail, Hail, Hail. Alma Mater.

Sam Edwards,

Kansas State University, Class of 2017

Posted By Sammy Gleason

Fond K-State Memories

Thursday, March 23, 2017 9:35:24 AM America/Chicago

Guys. GUYS.

I have some VERY exciting news.

You ready?

Baseball is back.

You read that correctly.It is officially spring.

I love baseball. I grew up in Kansas City so let’s just say I learned every word to Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places at a pretty young age. So, getting me to commit to a baseball game typically doesn’t take too much convincing. Now I know watching baseball at home or a bar can be fun (my eldest sister knits and eats Mexican food whenever the Royals play because she is CONVINCED that it helps them win… don’t ask) but as the MLB season doesn’t start for a couple weeks we have something just as good here in the Little Apple: live K-State Baseball.

Some of my fondest memories of my now fleeting college experience is spontaneously heading to Tointon Family Stadium on a nice day and seeing the ‘Cats win with my friends. There’s just something about it. It could be the fact that the stadium sells beer or because baseball is the sport that links the time between basketball and football season. Regardless, baseball is the perfect sport. Not only are there no time restrictions but the strategy doesn’t include cheating (basketball in the last three minutes of play, looking at you). Now if you are one of those people who don’t particularly like baseball but love the old school looking baseball tee’s, I have something to show you. We now have these cool, that you cannot buy anywhere else, K-State baseball raglan sleeve t-shirts. I am high-key in love with mine! It’s super comfortable, super stylish, and super affordable for every SUPER fan.  

I purchased mine the very day they arrived in stock, then they sold out in only one weekend! Thankfully, they have been replenished and are now BACK IN STOCK!

 We also recently got these sweet new Nike ¼ zip performance jackets that I also couldn’t live without. I kid you not, when I wore it I got five compliments the very first day. ( They’re perfect for when it’s not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket. 


So even if you will never find yourself watching the cat’s play (but really, go watch ‘em, games are fun, free for students, and there’s beer) you can still look like you know all about #Sports. Come in to see us, visit, or give us a call. We will keep you looking like a super fan! Let’s go Bat ‘Cats. It’s finally baseball season again!

Sam Edwards

Posted By Sammy Gleason

K-State Proud

Thursday, February 16, 2017 9:45:55 AM America/Chicago

Hello Wildcat Family,

I’m Sam Edwards, and I am currently a graphic design intern here at the K-State Super Store. I figured we would take a break from our normal blog posts to talk about something that the K-State Super Store is very proud to be a part of: K-State Proud.

When we say K-State Proud we mean it. Out of all the things that make my heart swell with pride, K-State Proud is the thing I love most about this university (and that’s saying something, I mean have you tried Call Hall ice cream?!). It is bar none one of the coolest things that our students have none.

“But Sam, what even is K-State Proud?”

Well, hypothetical reader, that’s a great question!

K-State proud is a student-led fundraising event that raised money for students who have exhausted all other means of financial income. Without K-State Proud, these students would not be able to attend college. Students across campus donate money each year in order to keep these Wildcats home in Manhattan. Over the past 11 years K-State Proud has raised over $1 million dollars and have helped more than 550 students. Students have raised over $1 million dollars. STUDENTS. THAT IS OVER 1 MILLION MCCHICKENS WE COULD HAVE CONSUMED. Why wouldn’t you feel K-State Proud after hearing that?

I have donated all four years of college, I have worn my shirts in Washington D.C., New Orleans, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Stillwater, Norman, Austin, Fort Worth, Waco, Lubbock, Ames, Lawrence, Kansas City, Key West, and everywhere in between. When I travel, I love throwing on my K-State Proud tee. Why? Because when I’m asked about it, I can tell people what a stellar program it is, and how proud I am that our students care enough to make sure our own are taken care of.

“Wow Sam, that sounds super cool… too bad I’m not in Manhattan any more… is there a way I can donate and still get that rad t-shirt?”

Oh my gosh hypothetical reader, I am SO glad you asked!

As luck may have it, you can purchase a shirt online through us and a significant portion of that goes directly back to K-State Proud! So even if you’re all the way in Whynot, North Carolina you can proudly show your support of the largest student led philanthropy in the world:

“So your saying that I can just add that stylish, really soft looking K-State Proud shirt to my shopping cart and a large portion of my sale will go to K-State Proud?”

Hypothetical reader you nailed it!

In all seriousness, K-State Proud is something entirely unique to K-State. Many others have tried to duplicate it, but none have come even close to what we have done in Manhattan. This is something that allows those who need it most to achieve their dreams and get that degree.

If you or anyone you know is a K-State student who is in need of dire financial aid, please apply or nominate someone for a student opportunity award ( If you want to donate more than the required amount for a shirt, please check out And lastly, if you want this tradition to get even bigger, tell all your friends and family to donate and let the world know you are #KstateProud.

Oh, and did I mention this shirt is super soft?

K-State Proud,

Sam Edwards

Posted By Sammy Gleason

Perfect Valentine's Gifts for your Lady Wildcat

Friday, February 3, 2017 1:58:41 PM America/Chicago

PSA to all the gentlemen out there: Valentine’s Day is this month. February 14th to be exact. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about ways you can show the special Wildcat in your life that you love them. And you know what would make her less mad that you forgot her birthday last year? Absolutely CRUSHING V-Day.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some indisputable facts.

FACT: The K-State Superstore is having buy 2 get 1 half-off for women accessories. That means you can go crazy without breaking the bank-- scarfs/winter hats/bags/leg warmers/jewelry you name it. All buy 2 get 1 half-off. Boom.

FACT: Everyone looks good in purple. Genuinely everyone. It’s a royal color for a reason. It’s a fact. Not an opinion.

FACT: Soft things are universally cherished. Corgis, fleece blankets, you name it. Probably pretty high up on the ‘Things That Then I Nuzzle It Makes Me Cozy and Happy’ list. So why not get your special someone a blanket scarf? How about not just any blanket scarf but this one? It’s purple, it’s soft, it’s perfect.

A few merits of buying this blanket scarf:

1) Part blanket, part scarf. This is the centaur of the fashion world, guys

2) Ability for spontaneous picnics.

3) Plaid is SUPER in right now.

4) It’s genuinely super soft, I 10/10 would make a cocoon out of this if humans were like butterflies.

Look how cozy this looks. One of our recent blog posts we talked about how to layer, and with the Buy 2 Get 1 Half-Off deal going on you could buy all three of the accessories seen in the picture below. That’s a scarf, a hat, and boot cuffs—all perfect for her to cheer on the ‘cats in the winter. Did I mention that those cuffs are grey AND purple so she could switch it up? That’s like a whole additional gift right there!

Lastly, let’s talk about two very important topics: bags and jewelry. This K-State Ikat Bag (not to be confused with ICAT, not the same thing—I promise) is pretty much perfect for weekend trips, going to the gym, or walking on Lovers Lane on campus. (Not to mention it’s perfect for carrying other really cool things, like blanket scarves) If she’s been hinting that she needs a new tote—this one is definitely a solid choice.


Did you notice the subtleness of the bracelet? It simple, yet clearly shows the world that she’s a strong, fashionable wildcat that loves showing her K-State pride. It would make the perfect gift for any woman who bleeds purple. ¬¬¬

So come in to our stores, or shop online, but whatever you do, don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away.

Don’t worry, guys. We’re watching out for you.


Written by Sam Edwards, K-State Senior in Public Relations, K-State Superstore Graphic Design Intern, overall nice guy

Posted By Sammy Gleason
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